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Nova Consulting LLC welcomes you to our website. We hope that our presence on the Web and information here will allow you to have a clearer vision about our Company, who we are and what we do. Obviously, it is impossible to cover all aspects with a website only. For more detailed information about our consulting services, products and solutions, partnerships or any other type of inquiries please feel free to contact us as referred in Contact us section.
We are a young multiprofile consulting company dedicated to deliver excellent products and services to our customers. We are a team of young and highly motivated professionals ready to stand by your side at any time to help you succeed in your business. Excellence delivered motto of ours reflects our strive to serve you the best. The style of Symphonie in Blau ensures our commitment to provide you with the topmost power of our knowledge and stresses numerous ways for optimization, like infinite blue skies and oceans.
Specializing in various fields, along with strong knowledge of markets we operate, our approach to any business case begins with a detailed examination of actual resources, we study goals and expectations and carry out the final decision on what activities need to be implemented to succeed. Despite of this common schema, we practice only individual approach methods to every case, therefore each solution proposed to our customers will be unique, regardless being based on the one and the same examination logic.
Latest News
25 June 2009
Blendtec introduces their range of the world's most advanced blenders for use by privates and commercials to Georgia. Orders for the equipment are backed by warranty and service...
08 June 2009
Stratus Technologies authorizes us to introduce the world's most fault tolerant (uptime 99.999% and greater) servers, systems and solutions for continuous availability to our customers.
15 April 2009
We are honoured to introduce a new partner of ours, the German robatherm air handling company, manufacturer of the best quality and performance AHUs of any size.
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